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Gather Foods was crowned Best Condiments & Ice Cream Company Australia 2023

From condiments inspired by native-food customs to lovingly crafted native ice cream, from corporate catering gigs to event management, Gather Foods offer a host of services that celebrate Australian culture and heritage. One of these services is its acclaimed food manufacturing division, with its food manufacturing facilities producing a host of quality products, each of which celebrating and showcase food and produce that is locally sourced, but internationally enjoyed. Distributing across its native Australia and soon available across the globe, the company is committed to paying respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, both past and present, acknowledging their culture as complex and insightful.

Through its stellar food manufacturing capabilities, Gather Foods is constantly providing new products that celebrate Australian heritage and offer unrivalled ingredients and flavours, and nowhere is this more present than in its fantastic selections of condiments, ice creams, and treats. With 60,000 years of knowledge regarding native ingredients and sustainable methods, partnered with entrepreneurial innovation and the highest health and safety standards, Gather Foods invites everybody to gather round and enjoy their excellent product and service range.

As a business that is Aboriginal-owned and future focused, Gather Foods is proud to be different. A good different, the kind that allows for diversity and inclusion, which ultimately results in a more innovative approach, not only in the crafting of food experiences, but in its wider social mission. This mission is to cut through an often unconscious bias towards Aboriginal people and customs, opening the hearts and minds of its customers to the vital and relevant lessons that can be learned from such a historic culture.

Ultimately, it is an unparalleled mix of this story, scent, and flavour that sets Gather Foods apart, and nowhere is this more abundantly clear than in its gourmet collection of food products. These represent a taste of Australia that can be enjoyed everywhere, through the bringing of high-quality Australian produce and bush tucker to a handful of select stores across the country and soon around the glob. The company possesses an unbridled commitment to developing new and exciting flavour combinations and sensations, often inspired by botanicals and native ingredients, all meticulously curated by an expert team of chefs.

To this end, Gather Foods is currently selling three bespoke hampers on its website, each one following a different theme, yet offering the same level of uniqueness and quality. The first of these is the Birak hamper, which offers wattleseed & pepperleaf salt rub, BBQ sauce, bush tomato sauce, chilli & desert lime beer nuts, native infused oil, and an indigenous art-design tea towel. This hamper follows a BBQ/summer theme and is the perfect choice for a slice of luxury in the summer months.

The second option available is titled “Djeran” and is a gin hamper that features a selection of quality products that any gin aficionado will love. Comprised of a 500ml bottle of gin, mulberry & lemon cordial, sliced dried fruit, a bottle of Long Rays soda, a bottle of Long Rays tonic, and chili & desert lime beer nuts, the hamper would make the perfect gift, or provide the buyer with an unrivalled sense of authenticity thanks to its rich flavours and unique contents.

The final offering is the Gather hamper, which provides arguably the best all-round experience, including all of the food products that available in the Birak hamper, plus the choice of either mulberry & lemon cordial or lemon & mint cordial, lemon myrtle loose leaf tea or strawberry gum loose leaf tea, in addition to quandong chutney and a strawberry & quandong jam. For those with more specific tastes, options are also available to craft a custom hamper, and with the ability to order a one-off gift or any quantity up to 1000, unique native experiences can be delivered straight to a customer’s door.

Following on from the luxury hampers, Gather Foods has a unique ice cream range, proudly boasting the claim of being the first native-inspired ice cream in Australia. All of the brand’s tasty flavours, inclusive of cookies & cream and chocolate wattleseed, can be found in selected stores across Australia, as well as being a prime offering in the company’s catering and events department, where a pop-up cart can be brought to any location and bring people together one scoop at a time.

With a host of exquisite luxury products available, complete with unique culinary creativity and the empowering of Aboriginal employment and expertise, Gather Foods provides products that are good for all the right reasons.

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Gather Foods was crowned Best Condiments & Ice Cream Company Australia 2023