Birak (BBQ/Summer) Hamper

Our hampers bring together native foods and botanical flavours sourced from Aboriginal-owned producers from Indigenous nations across Australia. Choose from our range or create a custom hamper of your own. From a special one-off gift to orders of up to 1,000, we can deliver a unique native food experience to your door.

For any order quantities over x10 or custom hamper orders, please contact our team directly to facilitate on [email protected] or (08) 6270 1115.

Once orders are confirmed, we anticipate shipping to be within 1-2 business days.

Wattleseed, Pepperleaf Salt Rub 50g
BBQ Sauce 150ml
Bush Tomato Sauce 150ml
Chilli & Desert Lime Beer Nuts 200g
Native Infused Oil 150ml
Native Dukkah 65g
Indigenous Art design tea towel 1